Daisy Dental Clinic1

Do you like Okayama ?

Hello. Everyone.
I am Nakamura, the director of Daisy Dental Clinic.

The other day, I experienced very precious encounter.
On the way to work, I was waiting for the traffic signal to change.
Suddenly, I was spoken from a guy in English.
I didn’t know him, but that encounter was good experience.
He was Only English people.
Just the other day, I encountered the other Only English people on work.
So I wanted practice English conversation.

”Hello, I’m xxx. Nice to meet you”
”Hello, Me? What’s wrong?”
”Actually, I lost my wallet and No monney.”
”Oh, You are so unlucky guy. Is there anything I can do?”
”Thank you. You are so kind person. Please give me 1000-yen or 500-yen. Please write your name and address in this notebook. After, I write letter for you.”
”Ok. Show me the notebook. I write only name. 500-yen here you are.”
”Thank you. Have a good day!”
” You too…”

As you may have noticed…
Okayama is so good city. If you want practice English conversation, you go to Okayama station square or front of BICCAMERA. You can take English Lesson only paid 500-yen. Really good city.

But now is warning. Should not go out for COVID-19.
Of course for COVID-19. Thank you.

Daisy Dental Clinic 院長の中村です。



Welcome to Daisy Dental Clinic. Thank you.